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Reviews From Listeners

"Your use of audio is frankly, terrifying. I had the misfortune of falling asleep whilst listening, and was deeply disturbed by the audio elements of your episodes to wake up to. Bravo, and well done. Your first episode is the closest to emulating what I’ve heard during a handful of sleep paralysis experiences."


"As a horror podcast junkie, I've literally heard all of them. This is without question one of the most original, well-written, well edited and performed casts out there."


"AMAZINGLY done. This podcast makes me afraid to leave my bed at night, and for reasons that feel totally novel and fresh and exciting."


"I listen to A LOT of horror and this is TOP KNOTCH!!!"


"This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard, it’s like a Stephen King book, but actually good. Some trippy stuff."

–(anonymous Spotify review)

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