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Those familiar with Incarnation Read may know that the podcast truly is a one-man show; I write, narrate, sound design, and edit everything myself, and I don't use any stock music or sound effects to help streamline the process either. As you could imagine, this takes an immense amount of time, and between the show and my day job, I'm left with almost no time to breathe.


In order to give you more nightmares, more often, with more quality, I need your help. Your choice to be a patron of mine, no matter how small the amount, would allow me to allot more time to working on the podcast, which in turn would enable me to make more scary stories for you, more often, more consistently––and in the end, isn't that what we both want? In return, you could get some or all of the perks listed below––take a look!

$3 per month

–A WELCOME BUNDLE of pins, stickers, and other goodies mailed to you upon joining!

–Access to a patron-only DISCORD SERVER where you can chat with other fans, watch gaming livestreams / Q&As, and view live-editing sessions of upcoming episodes


–Access to audio BLOOPERS where scary became funny, and DELETED SCENES that didn't make the final cut

–Access to BEHIND-the-SCENES NOTES for each episode of Incarnation Read where I explain the episode's inspiration, relive any recording experiences, or comment on hidden meanings of the episode


–Patron SHOUT-OUT in first new episode of INCARNATION READ, as well as on Twitter & Facebook

–Occasional taste-testers of perks from the higher tiers

$7 per month

–The same benefits as the ꟻRIEND Tier

EARLY ACCESS to new episodes of both Incarnation Read and Hemophobia––hear it before anyone else!

–Entrance to a monthly raffle for me to NARRATE a TEXT of YOUR CHOICE live––including your own writing (whether spooky or goofy!)

–Access to the ART GALLERY, full of eerie liminal photos and tortured scrawlings to haunt your dreams

–Regularly uploaded HINTS AND TEASERS for the future stories of Incarnation Read and Hemophobia alike

–Occasional taste-testers of perks from the almighty INCARNATION Tier

$15 per month

–The same benefits as the ꟻRIEND and FIREFLY Tiers


–Upon joining, have a CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION drawn and mailed to you, based on requests I solicit from you upon joining


–Entrance into a monthly raffle to have me make a mini-episode BASED ON YOUR FEARS! You tell me what you're afraid of, and I'll fashion you an episode released on the main show feed for all to hear!

–Access to monthly VIRTUAL LIVE SHOWS, streaming live performances of material from INCARNATION READ and HEMOPHOBIA

–Yet another monthly raffle for a chance at a COLLABORATIVE AUDIO CREATION with me, making your voice and/or writing into a warped nightmare soundpiece

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