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Season One :

C  A  M  P    H  A  V  E  N  S  I  D  E

The grounds of Camp Havenside look innocent enough — a chapel and worship pavilion, cleanly separated girls and boys cabins, and a lush forest surrounding it that, when the sun falls, goes still and undisturbed with a strange quietude.

Suffering from a crisis of faith, Sam, a young church-going teenager, accompanies his youth group to the long-undisturbed Camp Havenside to seek spiritual enlightenment. What he finds is something very, very different.


As all supposed virtues and sacraments are perverted in brutal, bodily horrors, so creeps the approach of something that has slept in the secret folds of a cloistered Christian church camp for generations — waiting for someone to haunt.

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– Season One Cast –

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